April 15, 2010

Shrinkage from Chastity?

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Written by: Rich
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Well this is something that I have been trying to do a lot of reading on, well what little there is. From what I have read it seems like 50% of the people in chastity for a min of a few weeks 24/7 experience a fair bit of shrinkage when erect. Well last night during my lovely ruined orgasm we noticed that I seemed almost a full inch smaller!  I thought this was great, I want it to shrink a few inches to be honest.  I want it so that when Mel lets me out she doesn’t even want to fuck it, she can so what she wants with this worthless cock then get a real dick. Be it one of her strap on’s or some other guy.  That is one area we want to explore a lot more, cuckoldry.  Would be the biggest turn on ever watching some other guy fucking Mel as I cannot do a thing, but watch and enjoy.  We have experienced this a little in the past and it was a lot of fun!

Anyway back to shrinking dicks in chastity.  From what I have gathered is that the penis can remember how big it can get, and while in a chastity cage can only get so big, so when it is released it will only get so big again.   This is however only a temp. thing, your penis will return back to its normal size in a month or more… that is if you are allowed out for that long :)

So lets hear if you have experienced any shrinkage.

Maybe Mels cock will shrink to this level!?!?!?! Who knows, I guess we will keep watching it as time goes on, but 1 inch erect loss in just 2 weeks is pretty crazy I think.



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  1. Paul

    I really love reading what you are doing and would love to be in your position.
    In regards to shrinkage, if an erection is not achived over a period of years say, could the shrinkage become perminant?

    • Rich

      I am pretty sure you would totally ruin your penis if no erection for years. I did read that someone was not allowed any release at all for I believe 6 or 8 months and their cock is now totally useless, it will not get hard and what not at all.

  2. joejoe

    i believe in time the spongy, expanding tissue in the penis would atrophy and that would result in shrinkage if erections were prevented long term

  3. james

    Hi I've experienced some shrinakge but mainly based on how long i've been locked. I have been locked for a full 12 months before and the first day or two an erection ws difficult and once acheived it was really small, but within a month it had returned to normal.

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