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May 26, 2010

Some photos of the Mature Metal

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Written by: Rich

Well we have finally taken a couple pics of me wearing the new Mature Metal Jailbird device.  I have a semi hard on in some of the pics so it looks a little weird. But overall WOW fit is so much better then the CB2000, it is also a LOT smaller.  I really hope it can shrink my already little cock to 4″ erect.

As you can see my balls are a tad full, they hurt, they are ready to explode, its been a while since any release and I am starting to go a tad crazy.  I am really starting to wish for a ruined orgasm!



Shrinkage from Chastity?

Well this is something that I have been trying to do a lot of reading on, well what little there is. From what I have read it seems like 50% of the people in chastity for a min of a few weeks 24/7 experience a fair bit of shrin...
by Rich


Mature Metal Chastity Cage Ordered!

Alright so the tester rings arrived and I tried them out, figured on what sizes I think I need and we have placed the order for our Mature Metal Jailbird Chastity device. I really cannot wait for this to come, just trying on th...
by Rich



  1. Locked_In_LV

    Hey Rich,
    Wondering how you’re doing with the Jail Bird? How is the comfort compared to the CB-X000? Would you recommend this design? Is there any severe discomfort or problems you’ve come across? Anything you would have asked to be made differently about it?

  2. Rich

    The jailbird from MatureMetal has turned out great so far. I've been wearing it for around a month now. Little to no issues, I think my only problem is minor in that it tends to rotate around a fair bit. I may have also got it a touch too small, but I am hoping that it also shrinks my cock. When its a tad small your head will rub against stuff and can hurt, it may be better if I were to wear underwear, but well neither I or Mel subscribe to that program. Over the CB-2000 there is NO comparision at all!

  3. Dev

    What are the measurements on your Jailbird?


    • Rich

      * Base Ring: 1 3/4″
      * Inside Diameter: 1 1/4″
      * Length: 2 1/4″
      * Oval Base ring
      * Gap between Chastity and Base ring: 3/8″

  4. I have been locked’n’denied in my Jail Bird 24/7 since September 5th, 2010 so recently passed the 100 day mark. When it cums to chastity devices it is the FIT that makes or breaks receiving long term lock up. And, a custom fitted device is always best.

  5. Steve

    Rich – you have a beautiful cock! Locked and unlocked it is just perfect!

  6. Tom

    Days away from ordering one too! You are indeed
    Thought that i should order the half inch gap since my
    Ball sack is high and tight. The previous plastic cb I
    have worn were uncomfortable in that area.
    Any help would be great

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