October 13, 2010

Good Little Slave Boy

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Written by: Rich
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So a few things are transpiring now.  For started its now been over 60 days without an orgasm!  I love it, I am so fucking horny its just insane. No on with my Male Chastity Stories!

  1. 100 Day Orgasm: I actually got my useless little dick to give Mel an orgasm last week without myself having to stop and pull out. I didn’t even have to use the black mamba. So she is rewarding me after 100 days with an orgasm!  So excited, this will also coincide with our Cuba trip. Then lock down for a full year until we get married.
  2. Mailing the cage keys away. Yep, this scares me a bit for sure.  We are taking a trip to the states next week and decided to insert the small spike in the cage and will be mailing ourselves the key back.  Mail to our place via standard letter mail I figure will take around 2 weeks or so.  So here I will be stuck for good, no edging, no nothing for at least 2 weeks, AND with that spike in mels little cock.
  3. Human Pee Toilet Paper Slave: So you all know that I love it when Mel pees all over me. We are now starting a thing that I will have to clean her pussy every single time she needs to pee. No matter where we are, what time of day, etc.  I have to clean up her golden juice. I just love the sub / dom atmosphere that this creates. Ideally the ideal tool for this would be an Oral Sex Seat and she can piss directly into your mouth. UMMM good.
  4. Smaller Cage: Very much in the talks now it seems, I will 100% be getting a smaller cage in the future, no idea how near or far future, but Mel things this cage is too big for me and wants my useless dick smaller too now that shes got alternatives.  It’s also going to hurt a hell of a lot more when I get hard with these spikes in with a cage that is both shorter and narrower. I am excited & scared! Hopefully Mature Metal will have some new interesting contraptions by the time this happens.

That’s about it for now folks, sorry for the lack of updates recently.  I will try to get something else posted before or during the weekend and maybe even some pics too.




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  1. Biswimrun

    Locked until your marriage how sexy. Reminds me of this story: Imagine what a nice f*cking you’ll get for your honeymoon hehe.

  2. kdubb

    A smaller cage is the way to go. I've been locked in a JailBird 24/7/365 for about a year. I recently ordered and received my new, smaller JailBird that is only 1 1/2" in length! I have absolutely no room to grow. It was really difficult stuffing myself into that small cage, but that's my life now–locked 24/7/365. I am into long-term male chastity as I believe all males should be locked. I hope you do get a smaller JailBird as I did. It's such sweet agony!


  3. Hairrry

    How does it work to be Mel's Human Pee Toilet Paper slave "anywhere"? This is ver yhot but not sure how you manage in public places, restaurants, etc.

  4. slaveboy

    slaveboy would like to be locked up inside a cage outside

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