September 28, 2012

Prince Albert – Nearly 2 years later

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Written by: Rich

It’s been a while now since we had this piercing done to my little guy. Yes sex was hard at first and hurt but that faded away. In time I slowly started stretching it as well. I was originally pierced at 8ga. I have worked up to 2ga and am going to stop here I think. May try 0ga for the hell of it, but thats a big jump from 2.

Anyhow, I am at the point now where sex is actually better feeling with the piercing. I have a bent barbell with a ball on each end so Mel also loves this. Makes her little dick have some big metal balls attached to it to slide around inside her.  As they are sliding in her they also move around thru me, a sensation that can take a bit to get used to; and for me took a long time before it didnt hurt (over a year).

I still am not really happy with any of the chastity devices I have tried with the Prince Albert piercing and hopefully sometime will come in time.  It is quite common for an intense pinching to happen which hurts like hell.  I’ve tried nearly every kind of ring with the Mature Metal Jailbird device I am wearing still and nothing works really well.

Future Piercings: Well this is a touchy subject, and it waffles back and fourth.  Mel and myself would both like 2 or 3 frenum piercings so sex is even better for her.  I have heard from several people tho that it does not work well with chastity, which Mel also loves.  So…  Where to do go, time may tell…



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  1. niki bhardwaj

    very nice. i also have this type….p.:)

  2. corey

    This will be a bit long.

    I have a jailbird very close in size to yours. I have worn it 24/7 for almost 2 years and no end in sight. Before that it was a cb6000s for over a year. Love the JB.

    One problem for me is pullout. I am a grower and it is way to easy to push down on the JB on my balls (that seem to have stretched?) and then easy to release the guy.

    My wife is not happy with this reality – “why have it if it is not secure?”

    She has asked me to research PA and use with the JB since it is very comfortable and looks good. MM does not recommend a PA with their devices and have no plans for a pierced version.

    That leaves Lori and that is in the discussion.

    I will be pierced – just want to plan it so in the end I can live with the decision.

    Any thoughts on 24/7 JB with a PA? If you were me – what direction would you go?

    thanks, BTW what part of the country do you live? VA here.


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