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Some photos of the Mature Metal

Well we have finally taken a couple pics of me wearing the new Mature Metal Jailbird device.  I have a semi hard on in some of the pics so it looks a little weird. But overall WOW fit is so much better then the CB2000, it is a...
by Rich


Shrinkage from Chastity?

Well this is something that I have been trying to do a lot of reading on, well what little there is. From what I have read it seems like 50% of the people in chastity for a min of a few weeks 24/7 experience a fair bit of shrin...
by Rich


Mature Metal Chastity Cage Ordered!

Alright so the tester rings arrived and I tried them out, figured on what sizes I think I need and we have placed the order for our Mature Metal Jailbird Chastity device. I really cannot wait for this to come, just trying on th...
by Rich